How to Accessorise Just Like a Scandi Girl

We’re already jealous of the Scandinavians for their thriving sauna culture, flat-pack furniture and impeccable crime dramas. Now there’s something else to add to the list—their accessories. The Scandis have an uncanny knack for hunting down handbag labels and small jewellers that are pleasingly under the radar. This means if you follow Pernille Teisbaek and Darja Barannik on Instagram, you’re bang up-to-date with their latest finds and in constant danger of falling down a rabbit hole of accessories every time you scroll. It’s a risky business—and why my to-do list has a page of links to things like “glitter hair clips” and “pearl hoop earrings” at the bottom.

The good news for my bank balance is that they’re not all designer. The Scandis might be partial to Balenciaga Knife Boots here and a J.W.Anderson Disc Bag there, but they’re also staunch supporters of homegrown talents like Sophie Bille Brahe and Anni Lu. What they do with these gems is another story: The French have a reputation for being effortless dressers, but when it comes to puzzling together outfits that are perfectly balanced with accessories, the Scandis win. See Teisbaek giving knits a lift with a collection of textured gold rings by Orit Elhanati, and Hannah Mw using a Kanel Demark bow-shaped barrette as the crowning glory on an outfit of Acne checks. If all this talk about handbags and hair clips has you in the mood to shop, keep scrolling for the 9 best places to stock up on Scandi-approved accessories.