The New Hybrid Trend Kendall, Bella, Gigi and Hailey Are All Into

The history books shall doubtless recall 2016 as the year that the term athleisure took hold. It had moments where it wobbled—some statistics indicated that leggings were, gasp, not as popular anymore—but those jittery interruptions proved to be nothing more than speculation. Everyone's still loving athleisure—in myriad forms. We've witnessed the go-faster track pant grow up into something rather sophisticated (and omnipresent, thanks to Zara). The bomber jacket has multiplied into many different parts of the fashion lexicon, from ultra basic (think traditional MA1 flight jackets you can buy on Amazon) to ultra luxe (we're talking about you, pink metallic Saint Laurent beauty).

But what's next for the athleisure movement? Well, if the latter end of 2016's celebrity snaps are anything to go by—and they are, because A-listers are like the gods and goddesses of this fashion facet—then sportswear is moving into sassier territory. Sass-leisure, if you will. That's the term we're coining for the hybrid styling moves that savvy ladies are using to up the sensuality of athletic gear. Imagine Bella Hadid in a sweatshirt, only this time she's fastened it into a waist-cinching corset belt to look (literally) more pulled together. Or how her sister Gigi offsets a classic military bomber with a slinky camisole, choker and frou-frou-ish furry clutch bag for a night out.

You see where we're going with this sass-leisure ratio: It's essentially one part sporty to one part raunchy. And it's going to appeal to those who already cannot be parted from their Adidas Firebird jackets and Puma sneakers, as well as those who originally felt this casual look wasn't for them.

For more inspiration, check out the celebrities and street stylers who have the sass-leisure idea nailed, plus the shopping essentials to re-create the concept for yourself…

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