What Not to Do on Instagram If You Want to Be a Model

We’re stating the obvious, but fashion today looks very different than it did 11 years ago. It was an era when Karlie Kloss was the newest model name to know, the world was far from caught up with the Kardashians, and, in the most drastic difference, Instagram wasn’t a thing. Perhaps no one can speak to the then and now better than Sarah Salem, a model agent at L.A. Models who’s worked in the industry for a little over a decade.

“When Instagram was around for a year or two [Ed note: The social platform launched in 2010], people became more interested in the content there, and because of that change, the models and the demand changed,” Salem tells us when we ask about the shift in her career of scouting and managing fashion’s most familiar faces. Clients and brands, she says, “want not only beautiful, skinny people. Now it’s all shapes, ethnicities, and sizes. Clients want multifaceted talent that has something interesting behind the pretty face—the personal brand, what they stand for, their message to their followers.”