SJP's Real-Life Looks Are Better Than Her Sex and the City Outfits


Getty Images

Recently I wrote a story about all of the 2018 trends Carrie Bradshaw put on the map in Sex and the City. And there were a lot of them—everything from Dior saddle bags to PVC shoes to square necklines. My research ended up taking me on a digital deep dive into all things Sarah Jessica Parker, which made me realize just how great the actress’s personal style is as well.

SJP will probably always be associated with her SATC character, but her off-screen style deserves just as much attention. I especially gravitate towards her '90s and early '00s looks: It was a time of tube tops, strapless necklines, and easy separates. Her great styling ideas are pushing me to try some of them again for myself in 2018. Ahead, see some of Sarah Jessica Parker's best style moments and shop pieces inspired by her looks.

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