VB and Meghan Both Swear by This Celeb Facialist—These Are Her Best Products

Credited with both keeping Victoria Beckham's breakouts in check and with being the woman behind Meghan Markle's wedding-day glow, Sarah Chapman is a big name in the land of celebrity skin. But with her iconic facial setting you back a cool £525 at her Sloane Square skin clinic, Skinesis, there's no doubt that her skin expertise comes with an A-list price tag to boot. Of course, having access to the best facialists and skin treatments that money can buy is something of a failsafe route to great skin—which is why our favourite celebs are always blessed with seriously glowy complexions. But what if you haven't got half a grand to blow on a weekly treatment? Turns out that Sarah Chapman has your back.

Yes, Sarah Chapman actually has her own range of skincare products, meaning that you can enjoy a slice of that celebrity skin action at a fraction of the price. Combining Chapman's 20 years of skincare experience and background in cosmetic science, her eponymous skincare brand promises to provide a taste of her clinic's high-performance results in the comfort of your own home.

On a personal note, I'm a huge fan of the brand and have loved pretty much everything I've tried. But the real seal of approval comes from the fact that VB also raves about the collection. In fact, you can often spot her singing the praises of Sarah Chapman's range on her Instagram Stories, so you can trust that they really must measure up her treatments.

Sarah Chapman: Meghan Markle used facialist before wedding day



While it isn't unheard of for a Sarah Chapman facial to have a waiting list of up to three months (yep, seriously), a quick add to cart means that you can get going with the celebrity facialist experience ASAP.

From beauty tools that mimic the finger-tapping motion of a treatment with the lady herself to cult overnight serums, every product has been created to effectively deliver results on the surface of your skin and on a deeper, cellular level for long-term effects. Pretty impressive, right?

Sarah Chapman: Skincare products



Keep scrolling to shop the best Sarah Chapman products—including some of VB's personal favourites.


Despite initial appearances, this isn't some kind of medieval torture device. It is, in fact, a blissful facial massage tool that mimics the motions used in Sarah Chapman's signature facial. By holding the tool at your chin and pushing upwards, the rotating heads will release tension, break down any blockages, reduce puffiness and lift and sculpt your face. Trust me—it feels incredible.

When VB declares that "you need something in your life" on her Instagram Story, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm going to give it a try. This facial steamer is inspired by the professional grade ones in Chapman's clinic. It emits steam that deeply penetrates your skin to help cleanse away impurities, purify pores and promote a dewy complexion. Sold.


Sarah Chapman: Meghan Markle is a fan



If you have oily skin and aren't sure where you stand on using oil-based products like this cleansing balm, then rest assured that Chapman herself says that "oil-based cleansers have a natural affinity with your skin's sebum, which means they can cleanse effectively whilst respecting the skin's delicate acid mantle." This is a really luxurious formula that makes light work of removing makeup and daily grime, and leaves skin soft and bright.

For me, this is a great morning cleanser for tired skin. It uses radiance-boosting clays and exfoliating enzymes to gently remove dead skin cells and leave your skin naturally glowing. Plus it's packed with neroli, bergamot and geranium essential oils to restore hydration. It also smells incredible.


This is probably the most cult product in the Sarah Chapman collection, and once you've tried it, you'll see why. It was formulated to mimic the benefits of a Skinesis facial—but while you snooze. Sounds ideal, right? You smooth a couple of pumps onto clean skin before bed and the potent blend of vitamins C and A, omega-rich oils and advanced technology to boots collagen and plump the skin gets to work. Come morning my skin always looks so much brighter and healthier.

Another VB favourite—you'll often spot this facial mist in Beckham's travel bag, and she also used it during the hectic build-up to her fashion show. Great for city dwellers, this spritz was formulated to combat the effects of pollution on our skin and protect our complexions from free radicals and UV rays. Apply it over or under makeup whenever you want to calm and hydrate skin.


Sarah Chapman: Meghan Markle always has glowing skin



My moisturiser of choice when my skin is feeling particularly stressed out or I've had an unwanted reaction to testing out new beauty products, this nourishing lotion calms irritation in a flash. Not only that, but it also works to actually restore your skin's moisture barrier to improve hydration and provide long-term relief.

VB's SPF of choice—Chapman also converted Meghan Markle's wedding makeup artist to this skin tint. Providing sun protection alongside blurring technology and adaptive technology to provide a natural-looking glow to the skin.


Supporting skin health from the inside out, these new supplements from Sarah Chapman work to repair skin from within while you sleep. Encouraging cell repair, collagen production and combating the effects of pollution and UV rays, you'll see plumper, healthier skin with continued use.

Some of the best sheet masks in the business, this bring's Chapman's moisture infusion treatment into your home. It's infused with the same skin-quenching serum uses in her spa to instantly hydrate, soothe and plump all skin types. I reach for these when I want to get brighter looking skin fast.

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