These 5 Surprising Sandal Microtrends Are Actually Taking Off

Those of you who have looked at Who What Wear over the past few months will be pretty up to speed on all things related to summer sandals in 2019. In case you missed it, tan is trending (and can be relied upon to look very expensive no matter how much you spend); Velcro hiking sandals have gained major footing in fashion circles (Teva’s leading the affordable pack, and Prada the luxe one); and strappy Carrie Bradshaw–style stilettos are the fancy summer heels of choice from literally every influencer we can think of. You may know that Topshop has created a vegan range, that Chanel’s PVC slides turned out to be a big hit and By Far’s kitten heels have been multiplying on Instagram. But what you may not be yet acquainted with are the more subtle shoe movements, primarily, the microtrends we’re already noticing in the world of sandals.

The below styles are somewhat controversial and certainly represent a “Marmite” kind of addition to your closets (some of you will love them). But however you feel, know this: There’s a group for all microtrends, and the below sandal styles are already picking up on social media and amongst the coolest fashion people. I’ll personally be interested in two of these trends: “granny” wedges (as I’m calling them—essentially comfy a low-wedge slider!) and green shoes (I’ve had a lot of wear out of red sandals with all sorts of outfits, so I’m sure another colour could work just as successfully).


Sandals microtrends 2019: pointed toe sandals



Xiayan is one of the first influencers we’ve noticed in these triangle-pointed open-toed sandals. Rihanna is about to make these mainstream with her Fenty collection.

Sandals microtrends 2019: pointed toe sandals



Rosie HW has already been onto the trend with her Gianvito Rossi mules.


Sandals microtrends 2019: heeled flip flops



You may not feel ready for it, but high-heeled flip flops appear to be the directional shoe du jour for minimalists.

Sandals microtrends 2019: heeled flip flops



They aren't a mass-produced style, but you will still find them in major places like Zara.


Sandals microtrends 2019: strappy green sandals



Green has been trending in clothing, so it’s no wonder that this hue has moved over to shoes.

From lime green and “Kermit” green to soft sorbet pastels, you’ll be surprised at how much oomph this bold colour can add to an outfit.


Demi (or mini) wedges with simple slider fronts haven’t been “fashion shoes” in my time in the industry, so this is a real first.

Sandals microtrends 2019: low wedge sandals



They’re the kind of comfortable, sensible sandals that I’m pretty sure my nan used to wear in the summer (only hers weren’t Chanel).


Sandals microtrends 2019: toe post detailing



In addition to thong-fronted flip-flop heels, you’ll also learn that toe rings are defying all potential blister fears. They’re set to become a popular sandal style on Instagram.

They come in both flat and heel forms and usually feature sculptural leather.

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