7 Sandal Trends We're Championing This August

Seasons are becoming obsolete in fashion. Call it a response to the climate crisis or the fact that people don't want to overhaul their wardrobes every six (or even three) months, but on the S/S 20 runways, we saw plenty of coats and items normally reserved for cooler weather. In response to this, Who What Wear's editor Emma Spedding commented that "throwaway trends are becoming increasingly passé, and we are all looking for clothes that will have a lasting impact."

So where does that leave us with sandal trends for this year, I hear you ask? Well, instead of a dramatic change from the previous year, we're seeing a continuation of trends that worked for us throughout the whole of spring and summer 2019. Yes, we're talking "dad" sandals, strappy heels and minimalist footwear. However, if you're champing at the bit for newness, then there are other trends that might fill that hole. Pastel colours are making an impact this coming season, as are platform-style sandals.

Finally, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't mention heeled flip-flops. Initially, this was a divisive microtrend that became popular at the end of last summer, but it's guaranteed to be on the feet of every fashion person we know this coming season. Keep scrolling for all the 2020 sandal trends you need to know.


sandal trends 2020:



Style Notes: Platform shoes aren't always loved—especially not flatform styles. They can be inelegant and clumpy. However, there are some brands that have somehow managed to produce platform sandals that are both sophisticated and stacked. 


sandal trends 2020:



Style Notes: This is perhaps one of the more divisive trends, but I guarantee this will be the one that you see most. Wear with jeans and dresses to the office or shorts on your holiday. 


Style Notes: The comfiest trend is back again this season. Try Teva's in-demand sandals or opt for a brighter version from Arizona Love. 


Style Notes: Whether you love The Row's barely there sandals or Topshop's strappy versions, you'll find these shoes so versatile for the upcoming season. 


Style Notes: One of the best ways to style these sandals is to wrap them around your favourite suit. 


sandal trends 2020:



Style Notes: Muted tones are easily one of the biggest trends overall for spring/summer. Opt for light blue, green, beige or pink mules to give your outfit the 2020 overhaul.