This Is the Most Highly Documented Coat on All of Instagram

Thanks to Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks, the masterminds behind cult Copenhagen-based brand Saks Potts, everything the duo puts out becomes an instant must-have. Their particularly whimsical vision has made them an industry favorite. Just ask any fashion girl what she's lusting after right now and chances are a pair of the brand's logo tights or its infamous fur-trimmed jacket are poised at the top of such a list.

The latter piece, the brand's Foxy fur-trimmed coat, is without a doubt the It item of winter 2018/19. A long leather coat with a billowy fur collar, exaggerated fur cuffs, and belt at the waist, the silhouette is nothing if not statement-making. Log onto Instagram on any given day and you'd be hard-pressed not to come across one of the many candy-colored creations styled by fashion girls or worn by one of the brand's many celebrity fans like Kendall Jenner and Cardi B.

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