Lolita Sunglasses: The Boomerang Trend That's Back… Again

Lolita-style heart-shaped sunglasses are one of those pieces that are the best thing a stylish girl could buy one year, and some sort of pariah-making sartorial kiss of death the next. We're going through a time when they are back in favour—and that's mostly thanks to Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent Loulou Heart Sunglasses


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Saint Laurent's Loulou sunglasses on the streets of fashion week.

It's all too easy right now to be sidetracked by the brand's glinting, gloriously OTT, crystal slouchy boots for A/W 17—they are nothing if not a statement—but over the past few days, I've noticed an increasing number of the label's exaggerated heart-silhouette frames creeping onto my Instagram feed instead. First came Avenue 32's Roberta Benteler—a woman who I know doesn't skip a trend beat—then a couple girls dotted throughout the street style scenes of both Australia and haute couture fashion weeks.


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Before you balk at the £265 price tag of these Loulou frames, know this: YSL really knows how to make an eyewear trend take off. Last year, we were early to report that its Kurt Cobain–esque plastic frames were set to peak. Fast-forward to this summer, and now every other label and its mother, brother and auntie are copying the idea.

I'm not going to persuade you to buy a pair. If you're into them, you're into them—if you're not, you're not. But don't be surprised if you start seeing a wave of copycat styles filtering into stores any day now—and don't be surprised when these originals sell out. Keep scrolling to shop the Saint Laurent Loulous below.

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