The Case Against Wearing a Bra and Embracing #SaggyBoobs

Just like wearing leggings as trousers, going braless in public is a polarising topic of the fashion conversation that it seems every single person has a strong opinion on. We're all acutely aware of the relief that comes with flinging your bra across the room the moment you walk through the door after a long day, right? But I have a feeling that far fewer among us would seriously consider leaving their bras at home on purpose.

No matter if you champion going braless as an act of female empowerment or if you sit squarely in the camp of being potentially embarrassed, I'm certain we could debate the topic at length. But if there's only one voice you lend an ear to in this ongoing discussion, it's the game-changing Londoner behind #SaggyBoobsMatter. Meet Chidera Eggerue, the woman who's started an internet phenomenon, leading the charge for radical self-love in all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to freeing the nipple.

No, she's not the tree-hugging stereotype you've likely conjured up the moment I ushered the phrase "going braless". She's the crazy-stylish millennial communicating in hilarious memes and serving up braless outfit inspiration in droves. I'll let the caption of this Instagram post below speak for itself.