Mark My Words: This Colour Will Be the Surprise Hit of Autumn

When it comes to colours for 2023, there's a real polarisation in the fashion industry. One the one hand, the pink wave initiated by Barbie continues to sweep across the globe. But on the other side, however, you'll find the muted tones of nu-minimalism. While old-school minimalists might stick to a palette of white, black, grey and maybe navy and beige, the new trend is all about soft colours. However, the one hue these two separate trends have in common is green—albeit vastly different versions. In the bold corner, it's a forest green, and in the pared-back corner, it's sage. Although I'm onboard with both versions of green, I've got to be honest, I think sage green is going to be the surprise chicest colour of the year. 

The Surprise Colour of 2023: Sage



It isn't the easiest of colours to pin down. It definitely comes in different shades and can be darker and lighter. It can almost be pastel but not quite. And it can almost be khaki, but not quite. The diverse nature of this colour is also part of its appeal as it means it can suit everyone. I found a few different influencers who have already jumped on this trend, which you can see below. What really clinched it for me, however, is seeing how the latest collections from designers and the high street are championing this hue and just how great the pieces are.

Keep scrolling to see my favourite colour of 2023 so far and shop an edit of the best items. 

The Surprise Colour of 2023: Sage



A slinky dress can be styled all year round, simple swap your sandals for knee-high boots and add a leather jacket. 

The satin finish is a nice touch. 

Soft sage goes with so many other colours.

If you're new to the colour, opt for a simple silhouette you love, like a classic midi. 

The Surprise Colour of 2023: Sage



Monikh takes on two trends at once with the draped sage top. 


The neckline is truly beautiful. 

I can't believe this striking dress is from the high street. 

Pair your cropped shirt with high-waisted jeans. 

This comes in a great range of sizes. 

Ease into autumn with this cosy turtleneck. 

Accessories are a great way to ease into new colours. 

The 'nice top' for all your jeans. 

A timeless trench you'll always reach for. 

I've been searching for a sheer open-knit jumper and finally, I've found it. 

Take inspiration from Monikh and style with a maxi skirt. 

The crepe fabric allows these trousers to drape so nicely. 

Give your plain white tee a day off, opt for this sage hue instead. 

The cargo trend is still going strong. 

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This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.