5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Safety Pins

Who hasn’t used a safety pin as a last-minute fashion fix before? It’s a savvy way to a save a clothing item without making a trip to the tailor. The shiny little guys have much more value than just temporarily fixing a pair of trousers. To prove it, we’re sharing five annoying style problems a simple safety pin can fix.

Scroll down for five safety-pin fashion tricks!

Instead of clasping your necklace together with the original hook, fasten the ends together with a safety pin to lengthen the look of your jewellery piece.

Once your scarf placement is on point, simply tack a couple pins in the back to keep the accessory stylishly in place.

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Static cling is so annoying, yet it’s so easy to get rid of, all you have to do is place a safety pin to the inside seam of your trousers, skirt, or blouse.

If you’re having a tough time zipping up a pair of boots, fasten a safety pin to the hook of your zipper and use the pin for extra leverage. This is especially helpful when your boots are feeling a little snug.

What’s the cleverest way you’ve used a safety pin? Share your style trick in the comments below!