I Think This Is the One Summer Trend That Always Looks Expensive

Let me start with a disclaimer: I've never been on safari. In fact, I think you will find that most of the fashion folk who don the safari trend have never hopped on a Jeep, let alone set foot on a game reserve. After all, there's nothing designers love more than taking a theme and distilling it into a fashion-friendly caricature. And as long as it's not cultural appropriation, we're totally happy to jump on the fantasy bandwagon.

So, yes, our fashion safari is less Kenyan grasslands and more concrete jungle, but sometimes a bit of escapism is just what we need during these troubled times. Goodbye reality, hello, Meryl Streep in Out of Africa, Prince Charles in a full safari suit circa 1984 (which was definitely not designed for roughing it, might we add), or Nigel from The Wild Thornberrys (just me?).

I loved the look so much it became my chosen summer style persona. I've never been one for the bells and whistles of boho, or the ditzy florals favoured by most 20-somethings, and while I'm not a fully committed minimalist, I do find myself erring on the side of simplicity, and the safari trend ticked all the boxes. While prints can sometimes be tricky to nail on a budget, I found that the clean-lined tailoring and utilitarian vibes of the trend looked instantly premium.

With cargo trousers and utility jumpsuits set to continue their reign into autumn, this is no fashion flash in the pan. Come September, just style your cargo trousers with a crew-neck knit and brogues, or throw a printed base layer under your fave jumpsuit. To help you on your way to safari success, I've created a guide to the key pieces you need to nail the look. Scroll down to see and shop my picks.

Short-Sleeved Shirt

Style Notes: We've been borrowing from the boys this summer with the boxy short-sleeved shirt. It'll pair nicely with beige tailored trousers à la Brittany Bathgate, but will look equally as chic over a long-sleeved top come autumn.

Cargo Trousers

Style Notes: I never thought I'd be the sort of person to fall for cargo trousers, but I've seen so many undeniably chic iterations over the last few weeks that feel more grown-up, thanks to their luxe fabrics. Case in point? Look at how Pernille styles hers with pointed heels and a chain necklace for a polished finish.

Safari fashion trend: Joy in Arket jumpsuit


Joy Montgomery

Style Notes: I wore this Arket jumpsuit constantly last summer, and this year, and I predict I'll wear it right into autumn/winter 2019 (probably layered over a white roll-neck). To get the safari twist, just opt for a jumpsuit in a neutral colourway, and make sure it features pockets and a boxy fit.

Safari Jacket

Safari fashion trend: Enis in safari jacket



Style Notes: The safari jacket is one of those iconic items that never really goes out of style. Coming out of the recent utility jacket trend, the 2019 iterations come belted with oversized pockets, and in khaki and beige colourways. 

Velcro Sandals

Style Notes: Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that dad sandals have been everywhere this summer. Undoubtedly one of the more practical items on this list, if you go for a pair of Tevas, you can genuinely take them on a safari (shock horror) while ticking the trend box.

Style Notes: Tailored, high-waisted and long-line, safari shorts have been the fashion girl's go-to this summer. Typically paired with a tank top and chain necklace, they can be seriously flattering if you get the length right.

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