13 Cold-Weather Dressing Tricks From Russia Fashion Week Street Style

We don't need to tell you this, but it is properly cold now. Our winter coats have come out, the 40 deniers have been hastily pulled on, and the heating is set high. But that doesn't mean your fashion has to suffer. While we might have retired the majority of our off-the-shoulder tops (sob), and our strappy sandals (double sob), there are still plenty of other trends to look forward to wearing. But that doesn't mean we sometimes get stuck for a bit of inspiration.

However, one source of cold weather dressing right now comes straight from Russia fashion week's street style. Currently in Moscow, the city that hosts the event, the temperature is a chilly 4°C. But that hasn't stopped anyone from bringing their A game when it comes to looking chic and stylish during fashion week. 

From creative layering ideas to interesting colour combos, as well as a plethora of cool coats, we've found 13 cold-weather dressing tricks straight from the streets of Russia fashion week. Click through our gallery for how to dress when it's cold.