I Walked 20,000 Steps in These Heels and Didn't Get One Blister

I am not a high heels person and my feet are basically like tissue paper, meaning that I can't help but roll my eyes whenever anyone tells me any shoes are comfortable, let alone heels. It usually takes me weeks to wear in a new pair of shoes, and so I was prepared for the worst when I attempted to wear some new platform heels. This year stacked, chunky platforms have made a comeback, and so I tried a velvet pair of sandals by Russell and Bromley. The heel is approximately 8.5cm, but they feel really solid to walk in thanks to the 3cm platform. The first time I wore them I lasted seven hours, and so in the ultimate test wore them for two full days of shows for London Fashion Week. I walked 20,000 steps in the heels, and didn't wish I'd worn flats for a single second. They would look great at a wedding or a more formal event with a smart dress, but I also have loved wearing them a la Alexa Chung with jeans, tights and a jumper. Keep scrolling to see and shop the platforms.

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