9 New Cool-Girl Rules for Styling Tights That You Won't Find Boring

As if we needed further proof that autumn is officially here, we've spotted that plenty of people have already got their tights out of hibernation. That's right—the 40-deniers are back in rotation. But don't despair. Just as rediscovering your tights is a signifier that winter is approaching, it also means you can start shopping for new knitwear, winter coats and ankle boots. Plus, there are new and interesting ways to wear your tights to keep your cold-weather outfits interesting.



Style du Monde

Thick opaques are the easy, cosy option, but there are plenty of alternatives too. Sheer styles look great with ladylike shoes. Or why not make like Carine Roitfeld and adopt a patterned pair, or try a fishnet for something different? Sometimes all it takes are the right references to break out of the rut you fell into so long ago. Consider this tight-spiration, if you will. Scroll below for our handy guide inspired by the most stylish supporters of stretchy Lycra.