These Past Royal Wedding Tiaras Are Like Real-Life Fairytales


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Amid all the Meghan Markle mania as of late, a few co-workers have asked why we are so obsessed with royals—particularly royal weddings. My personal guess is the "fairytale" aspect. Growing up, our storybooks were flooded with princesses and princes, kings and queens and Cinderella-type stories where women were "saved" by a suitor on a white horse. Perhaps the allure is that these fictional characters, once only known to us in the pages of a paperback, actually exist to some degree. The reality may not be pumpkin-turned–golden carriage, but the magic, in a more palpable sense, is still there.

Royal families also provide a form of escapism. "I think that looking at happy couples and young children and families forming, the positive aspects of what it means to be human, is nice and gives us a respite from the headlines, sensationalism, and hourly breaking news about what's going on in our own country," licensed clinical psychologist Donna Rockwell tells the Huffington Post. So with Harry and Meghan's nuptials this past weekend, we thought we'd provide even more of an escape by taking a retroactive look at the dazzling tiaras of past royal weddings. (Although, there are so many that we couldn't include them all, but we think you'll enjoy these regal brides).

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