Rosie Just Shared the Exact Products She Uses for Her Summer Night-Out Makeup

For me, there's one celebrity that's really delivering when it comes to amazing beauty recommendations right now—and that's Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The model and beauty wiz has been taking to Instagram and her beauty website Rose Inc. regularly to reveal everything from how to do her trademark "basic" bun hairstyle to the products she's packing for her holiday. I've got two words for you, Rosie: Thank you. This week, she's making the most of the British heatwave by sharing her favourite summer night out makeup look and all the products that she uses to create it.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Summer Night Out Makeup: Rosie wearing pearl earrings and hair towel



As we'd expect from Rosie, the look is ultra-glowy with plenty of shimmer and bronze to create a sun-kissed look. However, the star of the show has to be her smoky eyes which—in a summer twist—Rosie has coined "sunset eyes." Dreamy.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Summer Night Out Makeup: Rosie's glowy sunset eye look



Keep scrolling to shop all of the products that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses for her go-to summer night-out makeup look. I want it all.

"I do love this suncream because it really works as an SPF, of course, but also as a great moisturiser and a great base for makeup," Rosie explained.

"I always like to put lip balm on before I've started my makeup so it has a little bit of time to sink in," Rosie explained. "It smells amazing. I'm obsessed with this, and it also looks really beautiful on its own."

"I love this because it does exactly what it says on the tin—it gives you luminous, silky-looking skin," said Rosie. 

To get a light, summery finish, Rosie uses a Beautyblender to apply her foundation: "It's really good to run them under water to get them a little bit damp," said Rosie. "I've found when you're applying foundation, it just smooths it out a little bit more."



Rosie describes this as "the OG of under-eye concealers" and applies it exactly so, blending in with the Beautyblender.

Rosie brushes up her brows first and then applies this brow pencil to add definition. "I like a big, bushy brow—especially for summer," she explained.

Set your brows in place with a clear brow gel. It's great for keeping the colour locked down in warm weather.

To create her shimmering eye look, Rosie applies the gold shade (top right) all over her eyelids and then uses the bronze colour (bottom right) to define her lash line. She finishes the look by applying the pearlescent pink shade (top left) to the inner corners of her eyes and running a little of the deep burgundy colour (bottom right) through the creases.

"I like to apply the eye shadow with the flat brush on one side," explained Rosie. "Then I use the big fluffy brush to blend."

Rosie uses the small brush on this dual-ended tool to blend out her eye shadow for a soft, smoky finish.

"I'm going to use the lengthening mascara first to build length," explained Rosie. "It really does separate the lashes beautifully."

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Summer Night Out Makeup: Rosie wearing coral eyeshadow and pink lipstick



Once dry, Rosie then applies a layer of this lash-boosting formula to add volume.

For a really fluttery eye look, Rosie lightly flicks this comb through her lashes to separate each individual lash.

I love Surratt Beauty palettes. You buy the palette empty and then select the specific shades that you want to fill it with so you have a personalised palette. Rosie built her own to create a "summery, beachy, bronze-y look."

Rosie uses the same brush to apply bronzer to her cheekbones and temples, and then a pink blusher to the apples of her cheeks.

"A tiny little bit of this goes a long way," said Rosie. She applies it using her fingertips to the tops of her cheekbones and builds it up until she gets the desired amount of radiance.

Rosie describes this as "a pretty, easy to wear colour with a lovely sheen to it." She then tops it with a lip gloss for "a little fun."

For her final step, Rosie uses an angled brush to apply translucent powder to her T-zone to reduce unwanted shine.