The 2 Style Mistakes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Never Makes

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's best fashion tips


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If you’ve ever been curious about the fashion secrets that make Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s style so iconic, you’re in good company. The supermodel, actress, and entrepreneur is a style icon to her over 8.5 million Instagram followers—and counting. If you’re among them and interested in hearing some of her best-kept fashion secrets, you’re in luck.

On Rose Inc. and in an interview with influencer and Summer Fridays co-founder Marianna Hewitt, Huntington-Whiteley opened up about all things fashion, including her style secrets and all her wardrobe essentials. She even breaks down her must-have jeans and the T-shirts she wears on a weekly basis. Scroll down to find out what we learned from Huntington-Whiteley, including the style mistakes she never makes, the rule she follows every time she travels, and more.


She has a great tip when it comes to packing for a trip. “As I’ve gotten older and I’ve traveled more and more throughout my career,” she says, “I really will try and pack in a color palette.” What does that entail? A mix of neutrals like black, white, gray, and tan that all work together in different outfits.

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There are two important style lessons Huntington-Whiteley always follows. First, she emphasizes the importance of tailoring and how it can be a mistake to skip it—especially when it comes to expensive items. “Don’t be afraid to get things tailored. I think that that’s one thing where I see a big difference,” she says. “If you’re going to invest in something, also invest in having it tailored exactly for your body.”

Another mistake to avoid? Skimping on your everyday wardrobe staples. She recommends investing in great basics that look polished and will stand up over time.

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Huntington-Whiteley spends most of her time in L.A., so it’s no surprise that denim is a favorite in her closet. “Jean styles are changing all the time, and I think that’s where you can have a bit more fun,” she says. The brands topping her list at the moment? Styles from Paige, Jean Atelier, and J Brand.

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A girl after my own heart, Huntington-Whitely loves T-shirts and is always on the hunt for the perfect cut. But her current favorite is one she’s wearing in the interview (and photo below). “I’m wearing The Row T-shirt today. It’s a massive investment,” she says, “but I have black, white, and gray and I usually wear one of them at least two or three times a week.”


If you’re interested in looking stylish but are on a budget, Huntington-Whiteley suggests turning to vintage. When the model first moved to London, she didn’t have a big budget to invest in pricey luxury items, so she sought out flea markets. “I couldn’t really afford designer clothes at the time,” she says. Beyond that, she explained, “I just really like the look of being the only person that’s wearing that piece.”


Like us, Huntington-Whiteley often turns to Instagram for fashion inspiration, cool brands and fashion influencers in particular. Ahead, see some at the top of her list, including @barbaramartelo. “She’s got great style,” she says. “This morning she posted something and then I copied her outfit from it.”

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