We've Just Worked Out Why Rosie's Outfits Always Look So Put-Together

Oh, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, how do you make your skin so glowy and your outfits so put-together? Your poses so perfect and pout so unrivalled? If it isn't obvious, our adoration for the model turned entrepreneur is a long-standing one. She's one of those women who possess an ineffable, casual glamour and manages to seamlessly toe the line between the often divided worlds of fashion and beauty.

This, we feel, is at the heart of what makes Rosie's outfits so on point: her ability to expertly pair her polished makeup looks with trend-led yet elegant ensembles. Just check out Rosie's Instagram feed, which is filled with outfit pics and accompanying beauty close-ups—further confirmation of her passion for perfecting the whole look. Of course, Rosie undoubtedly has a small army of makeup artists and stylists at her disposal, but we mere mortals can still be inspired by her pairings.

To help you on your way to Rosie HW–inspired polish, we've handpicked four Instagram outfits from her feed that prove she's perfected the art of combining makeup and fashion. Scroll down to see our favourite looks of hers.

Style Notes: Rosie pulls a Carrie Bradshaw with this statement newspaper-print top. However, she wisely keeps the rest of the look pared-back with a black suit, terra-cotta eye shadow and a bronzed complexion.

Style Notes: We're seeing more and more lilac this season, and Rosie makes an excellent case for the trend with this Gucci gown. Flicked eyeliner, groomed brows and naturally waved locks lend just the right '60s-inspired finish.

Style Notes: We can't quite cope with how chic this cocktail-ready organza blouse by The Row is. Black trousers, a slicked-back bun (a Rosie fave), a pop of red lipstick and chunky gold earrings is just what it needs to shine.

Style Notes: Showstopping blouse, black trousers and fashion earrings? We spot a theme here. This time, the model embraces black eyeliner (mirroring her monochromatic earrings) and a nude lip. So simple yet so effective.

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