If You're Not Keen on Foundation, This Skin Tint Will Revolutionise Your Routine

I make it no secret that I struggle to find foundations that I get on with. I like my base to feel weightless, look almost invisible and never reduce any hint of natural glow. I am, somewhat ashamedly, extremely picky when it comes to my base products. As a result of this, most of the time, I choose to forgo foundation entirely. Instead, I utilise creamy concealers in areas of concern and let moisturising skincare do the rest.

Having said that, there are days, weeks and even months when I crave a little something extra. I want something to give my complexion a hydrating pick-me-up and deliver a small amount of blurring coverage that still lets my skin’s natural texture and blemishes shine through—the ultimate no-makeup makeup base. Enter Rose Inc Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum.

I was first introduced to this product a couple of months ago, just before it launched. I’m already a big fan of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Rose Inc for its skin-loving makeup formulas. (The cream blush is particularly special, as is the creamy concealer.) Any beauty product with Rosie’s seal of approval tends to get a resounding “yes, yes, yes” from me too. But before I had even tried this skin tint, which is the brand’s first all-over base product, I knew that it spoke to me on every single level.

To start with, it’s formulated with a whole bunch of hydrating and plumping skincare ingredients. So much so, in fact, that it feels much more like a refreshing serum than it does a makeup product. Second, it promises a super-sheer coverage that delivers a glowy, blurring effect without clogging pores. Sounds good, right?

And wow does it deliver. The formula consists of a skincare base up of plumping hyaluronic acid, hydrating squalane and peptides to help supercharge those moisturising properties and fend off environmental damage at the same time. Within this impressive skincare concoction sit microencapsulated spheres of pigment, which only merge with the skincare ingredients once dispensed and blended into the skin. It's a true skincare-makeup hybrid.

This unique delivery method takes a little bit of getting used to, but I can assure you that within a few seconds of massaging the formula into the skin, you’re left with makeup magic. Skin looks brighter, invigorated and fully rested almost instantly. You get a little bit of coverage but not enough to leave skin looking two-dimensional or as though it requires more product to bring it to life.

The best bit is it genuinely feels like you aren’t wearing makeup. Instead, it’s as though you’ve just applied a refreshing morning serum and your skin naturally looks that good. So if like me you struggle to find a foundation that suits your minimalist-base needs, I implore you to give this stuff a go.

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