These 11 Rose-Gold Engagement Rings Are Just Too Pretty

Engagement season is pretty much from now until February, so if you're dropping hints, buying your own, or just want to send some ideas to your soon-to-be betrothed, then you might want to consider one engagement ring trend: rose gold. If you're already hunting down bands on Pinterest, it'll probably come as no surprise that this engagement ring is one of the biggest trends of this year and 2018.

Speaking to Brides, jeweller Selin Kent also revealed that while the colour isn't going anywhere, she recommends that you opt for a "setting that holds the centre stone to be in platinum or white gold, even if the rest of the ring is in a colored metal. Diamonds can take on the colour of the metal they’re set in, so mixing metals within the ring will show a diamond in its best light."

Rose Gold Engagment Rings



I also spoke to Rosalyn Mulrooney, who is the manager at Hatton Jewels, about whether or not the store has seen an increase in demand for this particular type of ring. "We've definitely seen a rise in rose gold. While the stone is still diamonds, people specifically ask for a rose gold band," she said.

"The Russians used to have it in the Victorian times, and now it's coming back," she revealed. "Although it used to be much more popular as a metal for charm bracelets, it's now engagement rings that everyone wants."

Convinced that you'd like a rose-gold engagement ring? Keep scrolling to see our picks of the best around right now, as well as rings that suit every budget.

Round rings are still super popular. 

Black diamonds look incredible next to the rose gold. 

Thicker styles can look really stylish and make hands look dainty. 

Go all-out with this topaz ring but at an affordable price. 

From one of our favourite jewellery designers. 

An alternative engagement ring choice.

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