Romy and Michele's Wardrobes Couldn't Be More 2017

There are many contributing factors to the greatness of seminal '90s movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Fashion girls will always conclude it's the costumes that shine brightest: Would the "Time After Time" dance routine be quite the same without the minidresses? Or the many highly quotable quips as hilarious sans plastic cherry jewellery and ridiculously wobbly platform heels? We think not.

If you are reading and have no idea what I'm talking about on any level, I suggest you get to Netflix immediately and gen up on this '90s classic. Why? Well, the more we look, the more we see there's a correlation between what's hot now and what was integral to Romy and Michele's wardrobe in the flick.

From AnOther magazine celebrating a new fashion label that references the out-there twosome as a design inspiration (it's a New York–based brand called Area NYC) to a street style–based resurgence in Romy and Michele's favoured accessories, there are High School Reunion influences to be found in almost every corner of the style world. The saccharine-sweet eclecticism that feels so right for 2017—from Zara to Gucci—could be seen as highly derivative of these two madcap Los Angeles girls. Plus, there are plenty of #OOTD and celebrity ensembles that we have mapped out below to prove it.

Keep reading to see the six ways this cult flick is making a fashion comeback…