Forget the Idea That Roll-Necks Don't Suit Bigger Boobs—It's Not True

Bigger boobs can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to fashion choices. Off-the-shoulder tops, for example, usually don't happen unless you're prepared to either go braless (which, sadly, countless busty people will not do, myself included) or wear a strapless bra for the entirety of your outing (about as pleasant as walking barefoot on hot coals). But what about the other top trends? Of course, it wouldn't be autumn without the roll-neck making its annual pilgrimage back into our favourite stores.

Though it has long been assumed unsuitable for those of us with D cups or above, this is one item I refuse to let get the better of me. I can see why so many are reluctant to try high-necked jumpers. In some instances, they can make your boobs look even bigger, and that might not be what you want. However, with a little know-how, I truly believe anyone can wear whatever they want, regardless of their shape, size or style. Keep scrolling to discover the best roll-neck jumpers for big busts, as well as the pieces you should be wearing them with.

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