The Unexpected £9 Product Rochelle Swears by for Radiant Skin

My quest for glowing skin knows no bounds. I'll jump at the chance to try a best-selling highlighter or an editor-approved facial as quickly as I'll snap up an affordable oil that someone's friend with amazing skin swears by. It was only recently, though, when chatting all things glow with celebrity facialist Shane Cooper, that I realised there was a certain celebrity whose radiant skin I had never truly appreciated. While Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Victoria Beckham are always high on my Instagram hit list for scoping out product recommendations and skincare snippets, I now have a new dewy-skinned celeb to add to my inspiration list: Rochelle Humes.

Yes, while the singer-turned-TV presenter has already started making waves in the world of fashion (thanks to her high-street edit with New Look and her regular outfit posts on Instagram), I hadn't paid much attention to how damn good Rochelle's skin is. Turns out that this lady knows a thing or two about how to get a dewy complexion, and there's one unexpected product in particular that she swears by…

Chatting all things beauty with GHD, Rochelle revealed that there was one product that she had discovered since becoming a mum that she relies on for achieving her trademark glow: Burt's Bees Baby Multipurpose Ointment (£9).

"I use that on myself and the kids," Rochelle said of the unexpected product. "It smells honey. I use it on the kids and then use it on myself as a highlighter or lip balm."

Shop Rochelle Hume's Picks for Glowing Skin

"This primer gives my skin an instant boost of radiance and healthy glow."

For an instant sun-kissed look, Rochelle swears by this bronzer from MAC.

Rochelle describes this luminous lip gloss as "the most perfect nude lip gloss ever which looks good on all skin tones."

Rochelle avoids any products that are too dry, opting instead for tints and creamy highlighters for a luminous complexion. This highlighter is one of the best for sheeny skin.

As she's a coconut-oil advocate, Rochelle uses this on just about everything.

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