Exclusive: Robin Wright Describes Claire Underwood's Wardrobe in One Word

Any House of Cards fan worth her salt knows that Claire Underwood's wardrobe is an integral part of her character. So when we saw Robin Wrightthe woman who brings Underwood to life, at the launch of her Calypso St. Barth sleepwear collection, Pour Les Femmes, we had to know: How would she describe Claire's wardrobe in one word?

"Efficient. I was going to use the word economic, but it's not," Wright told us. "It's efficient, because it does all the right things for all the times that are needed. So it gives her a classy look, but she's sexy, and it's still business-like and sophisticated. And a lot of pieces are very timeless—you know, we build her pieces ourselves, and I'm very much involved in the design of them. So much fun to do! But yes, efficient is the word I would use."

We have to agree! And the woman also knows how to design some chic pajamas—take a look below!