Best Wardrobes in Britain: Roberta Benteler

Welcome to the first—and, may we say, highly exciting—instalment of Who What Wear UK's Best Wardrobes in Britain. It's where we do exactly what that title says on the tin: Delve into the most fantastical, awe-inspiring and downright influential wardrobes in this fair country of ours. We're zeroing in on the girls who cause the street style photographers to press their shutters as much as the women you don't yet know—the ones who fly under the radar with secretly incredible clothing collections. We couldn't be more thrilled to kick off the series with one of the major industry players we've long been watching: Roberta Benteler. She's the ultra-chic, German-born Avenue32.com founder who has a walk-in closet to rival any we've ever seen and an entirely fresh attitude when it comes to choosing what she wears from it.

Want to see more and know more? Then keep reading to jump inside Roberta's wardrobe and glean some excellent outfit tips along the way…