In 50 Years' Time, Everyone Will Still Be Talking About These Rihanna Outfits

There's a reason Rihanna's style is considered a cut above other celebrities. She is always willing to experiment with new looks, she uses multiple stylists (one of whom is our columnist, Avigail Collins) and she wears everything with a confidence we can only dream of. But perhaps the biggest reason Rihanna's sense of style is so incredible is that you can tell she genuinely loves the world of fashion. Whether that's creating sell-out collections for her Fenty x Puma collab, holding awe-inspiring fashion shows (note: see last season's New York Fashion Week stint) or just making everyone else wish they'd spent as much time on their Met Gala dress as she did, it's clear that she has a lot of respect for fashion.



Getty Images PICTURED: Rihanna at the Met Gala 2015

The consequence of this is that she is a true chameleon when it comes to her personal style. Rather than stick to a formula (she would never be so pedestrian), Rihanna goes with what works for the day and the event. She's a real lesson in how to dress according to how you feel. To prove our point on her changing looks and how she can wear anything and still look on top form, we've rounded up some of her best outfits. From the sassier ensembles to the more demure, as well as her love of athleisure, there is practically no aesthetic she won't try. Keep scrolling for our guide to how Rihanna always keeps her wardrobe interesting.