Rihanna Just Introduced the High-Heel Flip-Flop, and We're Confused



Is there anything Rihanna can't make cool? The answer you're looking for is most likely "no." During her Fenty x Puma show during New York Fashion Week yesterday, the singer debuted high-heel flip-flops. Yes, you read that correctly: The shoe style we solely (ahem) reserve for poolside activities has made its way onto the catwalk in a very different form. 

The fairly controversial shoe style has often been deemed too "ugly" to be worn outside of a holiday. But as history has proven time and time again, the most polarising footwear options are never far away from being deemed must-haves. While the jury will probably still be out for some of the fashion crowd, we guarantee that once they drop online, these will sell out immediately.

Keep scrolling for a full look at the Rihanna Fenty x Puma high-heel flip-flops.

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