See the Photo of Rihanna and Blue Ivy Everyone Is Talking About

In a magical world where unicorns reside under rainbows and confection-coloured Giambattista Valli cupcake dresses grow from trees, Rihanna and Blue Ivy Carter rendezvous in their designer-bedecked splendor, giggling to their hearts' content. No, this magical place isn't make-believe—it was the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

Arguably the best-dressed lady of the entire evening shared a special moment with the three-year-old offspring of Beyoncé and Jay Z, backstage after the show last night. We can only imagine what the two pink-swathed girls had to say to each other—so that's exactly what we did.

R: "Oh, Blue, you are the fairest in all the land! Do you know that?"

B.I.: "No, Auntie RiRi. I'm pretty sure it's my mum!"

R: "Oh, well, this can just be our little secret then. You're the fairest!"

B.I.: "Well, our dresses match, so that means we're both the fairest."

R: "Fine."

Then the pair hugged, copious amounts of glitter fell from the sky, and the world achieved universal peace. Wait...

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