I Think Wearing These 18 Zara Pieces Will Make You Look Rich

Ever wanted to know what it takes to look like a rich lady but on a budget? I have. In fact, I don’t mind admitting I’ve spent a frankly obscene amount of time thinking about the key to nailing this sort of style. While some might take the view that a flamboyant, head-to-toe designer style is the best way to look "rich", mine is completely the opposite. 

Lorna of Symphony of Silk wearing Zara trousers

To look like you're wearing expensive clothes, when you're not, all you need to do is focus on the colour palette and the material of the pieces you're picking.  For the former point, it's imperative to stick to a muted palette of camel, white, cream, black, navy and grey. Pattern is rarely acceptable but if you do want to change it up slightly, then checks are fine. As for the material, try finding pieces that feel luxe—satin, cashmere, heavy chunky knits and cotton is exactly what you want to look out for. When it comes to accessories, stick to black or white and keep it simple with minimal detail. My final tip is to wear as many similar colours together—monochrome dressing will always make you appear more polished. 

But the real secret to dressing like you're a rich lady even when you don't have the budget? Shop at Zara. The high street store stocks so many incredible pieces all in muted colours that look so chic and expensive. Ready to see what I mean? Keep scrolling to see my edit of the Zara pieces that will make you look like a rich lady. 

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