Expensive-Looking Loungewear Sets All Have This One Thing in Common

A core part of my job as a fashion editor is being good at spotting trends; commonalities in our shopping patterns, the clothes we choose to wear, and even how we wear them. This eye for detail serves me well; I can find Where’s Wally in record-time, for one thing. However, it mostly comes in handy is when I’m looking to pinpoint why an item of clothing or accessory should be considered special and, ultimately, why you should know about it. Sometimes these things are more apparent; a top that everyone’s suddenly wearing or a jean shape that’s gaining momentum. Others are subtle but no less important when it comes to assembling chic wares. Today, we’re going to talk about something that fits in the latter category. 

I need not tell you that loungewear is big news, especially as we head into winter. For some, before 2020, loungewear was an after-thought or, at the very least, not something you got excited about shopping for. That, however, has all changed. Gone are the days when flannel PJs and grey joggers were your only loungewear points of contact—now, chic loungewear (the type you wouldn’t mind answering the door or even heading to the shops in) is all the rage. Now, dominating the retail space, there are more loungewear sets out there to buy than ever. Herein lies the problem. Which loungewear sets look most premium (even when they’re not)? I believe the answer is ribbed loungewear sets. Hear me out. 

Ribbed Loungewear Sets: @abimarvel wears a ribbed loungewear set



As I said earlier, this detail might seem small, but it makes a pretty significant impact when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your loungewear. Ribbed knitwear started trending a couple of winters ago, which can be charted back to Bottega Veneta’s ribbed knitted polos. This high-end association still holds strong and makes all ribbed loungewear sets feel superior to their non-ribbed counterparts. Below, I’ve found sleek ribbed loungewear sets for every style and budget out there—scroll on to see them, and I’m sure you’ll agree, this is loungewear 2.0.