How to Take Last Year's Biggest Trends Into 2021

Whenever I invest in a seasonal trend, I do my best to ensure it aligns with my personal style. But sometimes, I don't think twice before I find myself wearing some things obviously influenced by scrolling Instagram. It happens, and most of the time I feel great (I'm still as in love with my pearl Shrimps bag as the day I bought it). But sometimes I buy into a trend and I am unsure how to keep it feeling as fresh and exciting as it felt on the day one. That is a skill I have acquired over time. 

Because, no matter which trend you've found yourself drawn to this year—be it chunky boots or an it colour, statement knitsa cult bag or anything by Ganni—you've likely worn it to death are looking for fresh ways to restyle your outfits. Keep scrolling for my take on how to take the biggest trends of last year into 2021.  

If you bought... a cult dress

From Ganni, to Sleeper, Rixo and more... there were a lot of amazing cult dresses to lust after this summer and wear on repeat. Sometimes though, with cult dresses, it feels like after you've worn them a few times you don't quite know where to take them.

Why not layer up? My favourite trick to keep cult dresses feeling fresh—and to wear them in a more everyday rather than special occasion context—is to layer a long-sleeve T-shirt or roll neck underneath and pair with flat boots. 

If you bought... chunky boots

You've probably worn them with everything from your favourite jeans to a flouncy dress. That's their beauty! But are you curious about another way to style them? 

And you've tried a pleated or slip skirt pairing, yes?

How to Rewear Trends 2021: Chunky Boots



Why not try, quite simply, tucking them into your trousers? It will feel like an accident at first, but walk like you've done it on purpose and it'll feel amazing. Easy! 

If you bought... a statement coat

How to Rewear Trends 2021: Statement Coats



From checkerboard print to neon hues, statement coats were the unsurprising outwear trend of the year. Considering the fact that most of our socialising is outdoors these days, the love for statement coats are not going anywhere. 

To give yours a fresh look, why not try turning down the volume with minimalist cues, like warm beige tones and simple shirts. 

OR... go full statement by adding loads of colour? This is the year of getting dressed up (as we are making up for lost time), so why not?

If you bought... bold knits

How to Rewear Trends 2021: Statement Knits



From jumpers with cut-outs, kitsch knitwear, and embellishment, our knitwear collections got really fun this year. The humble cardigan really met its match.

So what does one do with their bold knits come 2021? Why not try bringing them into spring by swapping your jeans for minimalist, tonal leather shorts?

If you bought.... an oversized collar

Oversized statement collars became the #1 way to jazz up any look this year. Worn on their own with jeans or layered under jumpers, it's an instant styling win.

This year, why not try an oversized collar in a fun pattern, shape, or fabric? From La Veste to Shrimps, there are loads of new patterns to explore. This is the year to let your wardrobe free again.

If you bought... a quilted coat

How to Rewear Trends 2021: Quilted Coats



The quilted coat was the Scandi-influenced trend that perfectly fit this year of staying cosy.

Well, honestly, keep wearing it with anything and everything. It's one of those trending items I suspect will become a classic for years to come, 2021 included.

How to Rewear Trends 2021: Quilted Coats



This includes you, maximalists! The quilted coat is the slightly elevated cousin of the puffer and ticks every box for box function and style. 

And when in doubt...

How to Rewear Trends 2021: Lace Stockings



Are you just feeling an overall rut with your wardrobe and don't know where to begin... but you know you want a change? My favourite trick is to think small. 

Go for fun hosiery!

How to Rewear Trends 2021: Lace Stockings



It's my favourite way to shake a up a look, especially in the colder months. This year, I'm looking for floral lace stockings (I'm thinking in white) to add to my wardrobe. 


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