Last Year's Clothes, This Year's Styling: An Editor's Guide to Getting It Right

Nothing more satisfying than using old clothes to create new fashion tricks. If you're in the market for some cost-friendly updates for your autumn wardrobe, welcome to the correct story. We've had a long, hard think about what we were wearing this time last year and tried to uncover ways that the same pieces can still work well for 2017. It's savvy, smug-making business, this recycling lark—and we're always here to encourage you to spend wisely, buy items that provide longevity, rework what you love and maintain your personal style throughout.

The good news: Many of 2016's key purchases are still viable options. Some you can copy and paste into your new-season wardrobe as is, while some require a little update here and there. So with payday still around the corner (will it ever get here?), we present to you below some cost-effective ways to restyle your existing wardrobe.

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