The Fashion World Has Spoken: This Brand Is Going to Be Big

For fashion editors like us, it can be an exhilarating experience to discover a new designer whose work we love. Though our day-to-day is typically saturated with plenty of options to obsess over, there’s something special about identifying a specific item or aesthetic that resonates with your personal style. For this author in particular, it’s Rejina Pyo. I began spotting her designs on the street style circuit via insiders like Kate Foley and Pandora Sykes and, after seeing her collection launch on Net-a-Porter, decided it was time to cut straight to the source so I could share her amazing brand with you, dear readers. I recently caught up with Pyo over email to discuss the brand that—if the images below are any indication—is set to be a major success.

Check out how your favourite fashion girls wear Rejina Pyo designs and learn a little bit about the Londoner in the process. Oh, and shop your favourites too, of course.

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