How London, Manchester and Edinburgh Fashion Tastes Are Different

I'd be the first to admit that falling into a London fashion bubble when your HQ is slap-bang in the middle of the city is an easy mistake to make… So that's why I propose opening up our line of vision here at Who What Wear UK. As well as celebrating the best that the fair capital has to offer fashion-wise (and trust me, even on a regular day, London street style is quite spectacular), I'm intrigued to know what our super-cool readers are wearing in Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham… You name the city, town, village or hamlet, and if there's a fashion scene happening, I'd like to know about it.

In an age where trends can go global after one Instagram post, it's easy to assume that the differences in regional fashion and style are far from dramatic. We all have a Topshop nearby. We all look at the same blogs. We're all suffering through rubbish weather 95% of the time. Despite all of these valid similarities, when you start drilling down into the data, our cities are worlds apart. We tapped some clever clogs at Lyst to see what the key codes of fashion conduct are right now in London, Manchester and Edinburgh to find out how girls really shop in each city. What do they always gravitate towards? How much are they willing to spend, and how often do they shop?

Keep reading to find out which regional fashion trends we are fascinated by—and see if you agree, no matter where you're from!