9 Free Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe for Spring

Have you been so caught up in the excitement of spring’s arrival that you neglected to prep your wardrobe? Or has all your budget already gone to one major item leaving you with little wiggle room in terms of buying anything else? Not to worry, because regardless of whichever category you fall in, these budget-friendly quick fixes can make even your oldest pieces feel new again. The result: Your wardrobe will feel refreshed, and you’ll be ready to dive into the new season stylishly and seamlessly. See what they are below, and in case you are interested in a bit of shopping, see our picks for each look as well.  

1. Sleeves Be Gone


Lee Oliveira

Breathe new life into an old motorcycle jacket or denim jacket by removing the sleeves. 

2. White-Out


The Blonde Salad

Mix and match your favorite white separates for a look that’s as fresh as the new season.

3. DIY Hem


Stop It Right Now

Take an old pair of jeans and cut the hem so they hit just above the ankle. To avoid error, first try them on. Second, using a pen, make a mark just above your foot. Finally, cut and try them on again. When you’re satisfied with the length, throw them in the wash and they will emerge with the perfect frayed hemline.

4. Runway Ready


We Wore What

Wear an oversize men's shirt with only the top two buttons done up, inspired by the runway way to style the staple.

5. Keep Your Feet Warm


Vanessa Jackman

Give your heels a new, street-style inspired look by wearing them with socks.

6. Peek-a-Boo


Vanessa Jackman

Hem only the lining of an old lace or eyelet skirt so that the lower portion becomes see-through and you can achieve that peek-a-boo look.

Swap out the laces on your sneakers for fresh white ones, and you'll be surprised at what a difference it makes in brightening up your outfit.  

8. Two for One


Vanessa Jackman

You know that colorful dress you've worn so many times that it dominates your Instagram profile? Have your tailor cut it into a crop top and skirt that you can wear together or separately with other pieces.

9. More Mileage


Sincerely Jules

Wear your workout gear, (for example, a sporty T-shirt and sneakers), outside the gym with a tailored jacket and luxe accessories for a sporty-yet-polished look. 

Available in sizes IT36 to IT44.

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