Reformation Launches Its First Petite Collection

In an effort to please the petite ladies, Reformation launched the Don’t Call Me Cute collection today. In a statement from the brand, the team says, “Petite ladies have been after us for a while to make clothes they can look sexy in without a visit to the tailor.” The collection starts at $138 and includes several signature Reformation designs—only a bit shorter!

So what’s the deal behind the catchy collection name? Here’s what the ladies at Ref told us: “It’s called Don’t Call Me Cute because, well, you’re not cute. Children and koala bears are cute. You’re hot.” Seems like the brand is not only on a quest to dress customers with a smaller frame; it’s also hoping to end the stereotyping that comes with being a petite women.

Scroll through to see the beautiful collection, and head over to Reformation to shop each perfectly petite piece!