All the Floral Dresses You've Ever Wanted Are Here

You know what Reformation's fashion design crew are like when they set their mind to a task. Create the best slips and boudoir pieces you can wear outside and not feel exposed in? Tick. Welcome spring (and S/S 16) with the most covetable floral-printed dresses on planet fashion? Tick, tick, tick.

This week our favourite American export has launched every kind of flower-dotted frock a girl could wish for. If you want diaphanous, they have it. If you want something for your friend's spring wedding that's just around the corner, they've got that covered too. There's even a great jumpsuit in there for the stylish types who don't "do" dresses.

And—most importantly—they're selling super fast. Which means you also need to be super fast to not miss out. That's why we've edited down our favourite five pieces for you. Keep scrolling to shop them…

Decisions, decisions. Which one do you like the most?

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