From London to New York, This One Pair of Trainers Won't Stop Trending

We talk a lot about sneakers and there are many new styles to get distracted by, but sometimes the oldies are the goodies: with that in mind, let's talk about Reebook Classics.

Thanks to that ongoing interest in trainers, loyalist tribes have been clearly emerging over the past few years, and we find that rather than style, the groups often assemble by brand. Some are hard-core Nike fans, others love Adidas, and then there are the ones who have revisited Reebok. Reebok has been going for nearly 60 years and was originally launched in the UK (although the headquarters are now in Canton, Massachusetts), and while the other sportswear brands had been mostly leading the charge, 2017 saw a turning point: The A-list (Gigi Hadid most notably, who owns them in countless colourways), fashion editors and street style favourites started wearing Reebok Classics again and haven't retired them since. And by Classics we mean both the actual signature Classic silhouette (you know, the leather ones with the upturned tose and the cut-away gum soles that can also be called the CI) as well as the wider range of kicks that now come under the umbrella range called Reebook Classics. See the Rapide (below in our shopping gallery) for something even more vintage-inspired.

These sneakers have become the discerning trainer-lover's retro choice of shoes, and the sportswear label has been elevated even further recently, with the first initial drop of merchandise from Victoria Beckham's collaborationKeep scrolling to see how to style yours and where to shop them now.