This Reddit Thread Claims One Key Thing Can Make You More Attractive

Of all the places on the internet, Reddit isn't exactly my number one spot for fashion advice. Sure, for a funny meme or a passive-aggressive argument over which Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode is the best (it's obviously "Once More, With Feeling," by the way), Reddit's your site. But style guidance? Oh no—that's what you come here for.

However, there was an interesting conversation chain I spotted a few days ago on the Ask Reddit subthread about the little things that make someone more attractive. While I'm not saying I'd change how I dress or how I look according to what an anonymous person said on the internet, I was fascinated to know what the contributors on Reddit were saying, and I was also kind of surprised.

The top comment about what makes someone more attractive wasn't anything to do with someone's physical appearance, but it had to do with how they dressed. In fact, there were more than a few mentions of items of clothing that plenty of contributors thought made someone more appealing. Keen to find out what they were?

Keep scrolling for the number one thing that makes people more attractive, according to Reddit, plus five more that made the list.