How to Style Bold Red Colored Sneakers

White sneakers have been a fashion favorite for quite some time now. However, the days of going minimalistic from head to toe are long over. Sure, we still can't resist a pair of clean white kicks, but there are a few other sneaker options we're coveting as of late. One color we're currently loving? Red. Whether they're crimson, cherry, or scarlet, red sneakers are just as versatile as any of the pairs you have in your collection—you simply have to think outside the box and have fun with them. But if you still need help, the red sneaker outfits ahead will inspire you to give this bold trend a try sooner rather than later.

Tie your shoelaces like ballerina straps for an extra styling touch. 

Don't want to go all in on the red sneaker trend? Try a pair with red detailing instead.

Or a red polka-dot print instead. 

Red sneakers bring the same casual, cool appeal as your favorite white pair.

They perfectly compliment your on-trend leopard-print garments.

Mix bold red sneakers with classics like a camel-colored trench coat.

Take their boldness to nature. 

Or for your next vacation. 

Match your midi skirts to your sneakers.

Elevate your all-white look with a pair of red sneakers. 

They'll become your go-to sneakers in no time. 

Monochrome all-red outfits are the best. 

Matching mini cars are optional. 

Music festivals are the perfect venue for trying out red sneakers. 



Cutoff shorts and red sneakers FTW.

Ready to give your white sneakers a break, then?

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