Red Leather: A Microtend Gaining Major Ground

Just when we were talking about how primary brights can lift one's mood during the deepest, darkest days of winter, and the fact that the Prada FROW had quite a strict colour code, along comes a microtrend on the chic streets of men's fashion week in Milan to completely prove it: Red leather is having a moment.

Whether a casual flash of an accessory or a more dedicated approach via a lipstick-coloured trench coat, there is no denying the brazen sassiness that comes with any amount of this shocking hue in slick leather. This styling tweak may not have made itself known on the runways of spring 2016 (just a handbag here or two at the likes of Gucci and Fendi), but it looks like a strong contender as a replacement for last year's suede craze.

Scroll down to see red-leather looks in action and shop the perfect pieces to create your own take on the trend…