This Year's Cult Tees Are Going to Share This One Thing in Common

If you've visited Who What Wear UK over the past year or follow any fashion people on Instagram, you'll know that the designer slogan T-shirt is back in a big way, with Gucci, Chanel and many, many more creating various iterations of the trend. But we have noticed that there's a specific micro-trend within this movement: White tees with red writing are proving to be especially popular, so much so that we struggled to find ones that hadn't sold out already.

Collage Vintage wearing the Sézane T-shirt with the waiting list. 

The T-shirt the WWW UK team all had on their need-now lists in 2017 was by French label Sézane, and it's a simple white tee with l'amant written across the chest in a bold red retro font. The tee is only £40, but before you clamour for your debit card, it sold out in all sizes in just one week.

This wasn't the first time a white tee with a French phrase written across the front in red has sold out, as the "Je M'en Fous" Refomation T-shirt that Lucy Williams wore to New York Fashion Week in September 2016 completely flew—although the product page does have a "want" functionality that can alert if and when it comes back in stock. Ganni's red-and-white tees have also been cult hits, and more recently Baum and Pferdgarten's "Jolly Good" tee (£39) has seen a similar response.

Lucy Williams wearing the sold-out Reformation tee.

Another hit with the fashion crowd is New York streetwear brand Supreme, and we predict we'll see these tees all over the street style circuit this month, given Louis Vuitton collaborated with the brand for its men's show in January. Plus, Levi's tells us it sells one of its classic red-and-white slogan T-shirts every seven seconds.

Keep scrolling to shop some of our favourite red and white tees that are still in stock.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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