11 Reasons It's Better To Shop Online Than In Person

It’s no secret that we have a serious online shopping habit. As such, we thought it might be amusing to write a little love letter, detailing all the reasons we’re internet shoppers for life. Click through to check out our rationale for why we’ll always choose to exercise our retail impulses online. We bet you’ll be nodding your head the whole way through.

Reason 1: Sweatpants.

Or no pants at all. This is called freedom, and it’s exactly why we love the Internet.

Reason 2: We will never be coupon ladies.

Clipping physical coupons to use at a physical store seems like a hassle. Have you seen those women on Extreme Couponing? They clip coupons like it’s their job, because, well, it is. In the words of Sweet Brown: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” But searching for a quick discount code online? We’re all about it.

Reason 3: Getting mail is the most fun.

How fun? Let’s just say we sing: “We just got a package. We just got a package” à la Steve on Blues Clues every time one of our shopping spoils arrives. There may or may not also be a dance routine to said song.

Reason 4: You can sneakily shop at work.

As we have learned the hard way, HR frowns upon taking a two-hour trip to the mall during lunch. But does your boss have to know about a little 15-minute cruise around Shopbop.com? If you don’t tell, neither will we…

Reason 5: Insomnia doesn’t suck as much.

Online stores never close. If you can’t sleep, at least you can shop!

Reason 6: You will never have to beg for a refund because you lost your receipt.

We’re going to go ahead and pass on staging a power struggle with the cashier. Email order confirmations for the win!

Reason 7: There are no pushy salesgirls in your home.

And if there are, well, that sounds like a personal problem.

Reason 8: Stores don’t have a search box.

Rule #1 of shopping in stores: never engage with salespeople. If you want to see their selection of mohair sweaters, you’re on your own. Meanwhile, a quick and easy online search is a snap.

Reason 9: Paying sales tax is a drag.

Some sites don’t make us pay tax. We don’t know why, and we’re not asking questions.

Reason 10: Product reviews are boss.

If you were to loudly yell out for other customers’ opinions on your purchase, security might be compelled to remove you from the store. We’d so much rather scroll through reviews to inform our shopping decisions.

Reason 11: You can commit when you feel like it.

By all means, keep those killer pumps in your virtual cart for days on end and make a painstaking pros and cons list of your potential purchase. You do you, baby.

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