12 Rainy Day-Proof Outfits We're All Going to Wear

Ahh, rain. It's an inevitability if you live in the UK. Thankfully, we've hunted down plenty of rainy-day outfits that prove that it is possible to out-style a downpour. Many a time, have we walked out of the house on the way to the office without an umbrella, a decent jacket or even a bag that will save our outfits from the dreaded drowned-rat syndrome. But because we've done this so many times, we're accustomed to knowing what to put on when the skies start to darken.

From selecting the right jacket, be it trench coat or cagoule, to ensuring that our trousers are just slightly cropped (when they soak up puddles, it's officially the worst) and that our trusty boots boast a wipe-clean surface, we have a host of outfit ideas that are sure to protect you from looking like you got caught in the rain (even if you did). Keep scrolling for some chic downpour outfit ideas and then shop the key piece that’s guaranteed to keep you warm, and most importantly, dry. 

Rainy Day Outfits: Layer a transparent raincoat over your look


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Style Notes: Invest in a transparent rain mac so you can show off the prettier pieces underneath. 

Trendy Outfits for the rain


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Style Notes: A vinyl jacket, cargo trousers and Caterpillar boots? This look couldn't be more practical if it tried. 

Rainy Day Outfits: Longline coats will help shield you from a downpour


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Style Notes: A knee-length coat will provide optimum outfit overage. Earn yourself some extra cosy points with a high neckline, too. 

Style Notes: Try tucking your trousers into the top of your boots to avoid any sogginess. 

Style Notes: If the forecast isn't looking great, it's not worth putting any additional effort into doing your hair. Instead, slick it back with an on-trend hairband. A hooded parka won't hurt either. 

Style Notes: Work boots will keep your feet dry and give your floral frocks a grungy overhaul.

Rainy Day Outfits: A cape makes for a cool alternative to trenches.



Style Notes: If you're keen to switch things up, try a cape in place of a trench coat—the oversized silhouette will keep more of your outfit dry. 

Rainy Day Outfits: Layer a transparent raincoat over your look and keep trousers cropped


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Style Notes: See? We told you the see-through rain mac looks good over any outfit. In addition, keep your trousers cropped to avoid damp hems. 

Style Notes: Arm yourself with a beanie, chunky boots and a backpack so you can keep your hands nice and warm in your coat pockets. 

Rainy Day Outfits: Invest in patent footwear



Style Notes: Patent boots mean you can easily wipe them clean. Because we all know how grubby rain can make our favourite shoes. 

Rainy Day Outfits: Wear a rain mac over your chicest pieces


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Style Notes: Pick a rain mac in a bright hue and wear it over classic pieces for a chic spin. 

Style Notes: Patent knee-high boots are the fashionable equivalent of fisherman's' waders (read: they'll keep your feet dry). 

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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