This Beauty Trend Is the Happiest Thing You'll See This Summer

There's something about wearing bright colours—be it by way of your clothing or your beauty routine—that just puts you in a good mood. And right now, we can't think of a better time to lift our style with vivid hues and playful motifs.

Handily, you needn't invest in a whole new wardrobe to give your mood a joyful boost—in fact, one of the easiest and most-effective ways of elevating your style and making you feel happy is with a fun manicure. And recently, we've noticed that everyone seems to be opting for rainbow nails.

Perhaps it's the fact that many salons reopened last week but, over the last few days, we've lost count of how many rainbow-inspired nail looks we've seen. Some of the industry's top nail technicians confirmed that many of their clients are choosing bright and punchy nail art designs post-lockdown, so it makes sense that rainbow nails are very much in-demand.

From painting each nail a different shade to ornate designs, there's a multitude of ways to wear rainbow nails. Scroll below to see a selection of our favourites.


Lotte demonstrates the perfect rainbow manicure for beginners to try. 

Who said rainbow nails needed to be bright and vivid? Zeena's pastel nails pack just as much of a happy punch.  

We can't think of a better backdrop for a rainbow manicure than a buttery Chanel bag. 

Set against a pale pink backdrop, this rainbow strip may be discreet, but it still makes an impact. 

Betina never fails to put her own spin on a nail art trend. Case in point? This candy-stripe mani. 

The team at Buff give this rainbow-hued manicure a cool twist with a tie-dye finish. 

Celeste creates some of the most iconic nail art on the 'gram. We love this cartoonish take on a rainbow set of nails. 

Barely a day goes by when Nnenna isn't sporting a rainbow manicure. 

The contrasting hues of these daises also make for a pretty take on rainbow nails. 

Emmanuelle gives her nails her own edgy take by filing her talons into a coffin shape. 

The little floral motifs are the perfect addition to this rainbow mani.

A the addition of a swirl makes this fun nail art trend even more playful. 

Ombré is one of our favourite nail art techniques—particularly when its rainbow-hued. 

Sophie's rainbow nails match her bright wardrobe perfectly. 

Shakey hands may not wish to attempt this at home, but there's no denying it looks amazing. 

Hannah creates a cool, marbled rainbow effect by swirling two different shades of the same colour together. 

Why not upgrade your usual French tips with a rainbow motif? 

Liv's rainbow nails instantly brighten up her classic jeans and cream blouse ensemble. 

One of the easiest ways to trial the rainbow nail trend is to paint a single line of colour down each nail. 

This Olive and June-created manicure with square nails is perfection (as is that ring!). 

Ellie lifts her tonal ensemble with a rainbow-tipped manicure. 

Powdery finishes always look chic. 

The Hang Edit expertly outlines her nails with gorgeous rainbow accents. 

Aude-Julie enhances her rainbow manicure with bright eye shadow. 

Elif creates a pretty rainbow daisy chain with her floral mani. 

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