Raf Simons Got Very Emotional Before His First Show for Dior

When Raf Simons took the helm as creative director of Dior in the summer of 2012, he faced a host of challenges that would give even the most self-assured among us some serious anxiety. For starters, Dior’s image had been tarnished the year before, when then-designer John Galliano was accused of making anti-semitic remarks. In his absence, the brand stood on shaky, uncertain ground. Next was the reality that Simons had never created a couture collection before, and was now being forced to whip one up in only eight weeks (an extreme feat by anyone's standards). Topping it all off for the notoriously private designer? A film crew was present to record it all.

In the final film, Dior and I, which had a soft launch in select theatres on March 27, one very touching scene apparently reveals just how much was at stake for Simons in his premier collection for the house. It’s just moments before that first runway show and Simons is seen on a Paris balcony crying nervously about what’s soon to come. It’s a surprising revelation, considering what an instant hit his work for Dior would be, but a nice reality check, too: even the most accomplished people have their moments of doubt. As the director Frederic Tcheng notes, “[Fashion] is such an overblown world. Yet it’s full of hard-working, humble people.” 

To learn more about the film head over to The Telegraph and check out the trailer, below. Are you surprised by this revelation? Let us know in the comments!