What can I wear on a blind date? I want to be comfortable but show that I have s

A blind date is both fun and exciting; you never know what is to be expected. Who knows? Your date could end up being the knight in shining armour of your dreams-so planning the perfect outfit is key! Dress wisely in something chic yet comfortable that fits your personality because no matter what anyone says, making a good first impression is everything.

When putting together said ensemble for this blind date, I suggest that you leave the skirt behind and instead opt for a pair of chic dark wash jeans or denim leggings. Denim makes sure that you stay relaxed while the tight fit adds some sex appeal to the mix. As for up top, stay away from any shirts that may be too fitted or constrictive. A feminine, fun and flirty blouse with a modest yet still eye-catching floral motif is ideal. For outerwear, try a cool tuxedo jacket; this adds just the right amount of upscale sophistication.

Don't forget to finish your outfit with a touch of glamour! Style your denim leggings with a black pair of patent leather pumps to add both height and shine, and carry a classic quilted chain strap bag. Pump up the volume of your hair with a texturing spray and colour your lips with a seductive shade of red lipstick. Heed this advice and you are sure to stun your blind date...and worst-case scenario, if the dude turns out to be a toad, at least you'll look good! xoRZ