It's still crazy-hot outside, but I want to wear fall things. What are some easy

It is always a tricky scenario when our hearts and minds are ready for fall fashion, yet summer's warm temperatures linger on, forcing us to wait a little longer to fully embrace the new season's styles. However, the good news is that you can begin to incorporate autumnal touches into your look when it's still hot outside.

For starters, try adding a few transitional accessories to an otherwise summery outfit. Still wearing your favourite floral frock? Wrap a lightweight scarf over it. Tired of your strappy sandals? Bust out the lace-up booties teamed with tailored shorts and a silk tank. You get the idea? Per-fec-tion! And while we're talking accessories, keep in mind that with any getup, you always have the option to shield from the sun under a fall-appropriate hat, like a jewel-toned felt fedora. Hats are everything!

In terms of apparel, beat the heat by continuing to wear your summer threads and working fall pieces into the mix accordingly. For example, pair denim shorts with an open-knit sweater or, vice versa, a thin blouse with flared jeans-bonus points if you opt for a bold colour! Just make sure to hold off on your thicker layers until the climate cools.

Saving the most glam approach for last, it is never too early to start playing with fall beauty matter how hot it is outside! A few of my favourite looks to try this season are '60s-inspired eyeliner-as seen on the D&G fall runway, among many others-rosy cheeks and, obviously, dapper dark polish. Thoughts? Begin working these ideas into your wardrobe and bring on the Indian summer. xoRZ